Escape Game Geneva

Will you be able to escape in time? Hurry up: the countdown has begun…

Escape Game Geneva

Are you looking for an original activity to strengthen your connections? Are you a company that wants to discover new horizons throughout Burgundy?

The new trendy game, Escape Game Geneva, is coming to Takamaka! The Escape Game is a life-size escape game that will strengthen your cohesion!

Thanks to us, you can now escape from a chosen place. Yes, it’s no longer up to you to go to the Escape Game, it’s him who comes to you! Whether you want to escape from a forbidden Nevers casino, an Avallon locker room, a Dijon street, a Sénonais clandestine bar or an Auxerre library: everything is possible, you just have to ask.

In addition, where the number of places is normally limited to around ten people, we are extending this to a maximum of 60 people. Don’t worry, you don’t need to excel in math or be an athlete! Anyone between 10 and 100 years old is able to share this experience.

escape game genève

The program of your Escape Game Geneva :

Locked in one of the rooms with your teams of 5 to 10 people, you have 1 hour to escape from it by solving a series of puzzles. You don’t need any physical skills or special knowledge. Investigate, demonstrate a keen sense of observation, be logical and opt for team spirit. Lift the paintings, search the trunks, look under the candy box and you may find a clue that will propel you to the next step.

Find the key to the Geneva Escape Game to escape before the time runs out and transform your group into an effective team.

Details :

  • Place : wherever you want
  • Time activity : 1h30 to 2h
  • Numer : 5 to 60 persons
  • Time : All year long

What our clients are saying

The Push Car was a real success. I managed to scam Mario and Luigi and all my colleagues had fun. And what a moment of laughter when one of the cars broke apart in the middle of the race! Very good time, thank you!

Jacques H.

A very fun beach party with challenges, each crazier than the last. Between paddle, bubble football and volleyball, we were served! Everyone was delighted. We will come back to you, be sure.

Bernard D.

What a great idea this life-size goose game is! You had to think about it. Funny and fun challenges: my colleagues came away delighted and above all complicit. A real moment of sharing! Thank you for this day.

Pauline K.

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