Watchmaking rally Geneva

“Passing by, take your time, otherwise it will take you…”

Watchmaking rally Geneva

In Geneva, nearly a hundred clocks and sundials are installed throughout the city. Come unravel the mysteries of time passing through a unique Geneva watch rally!

In the heart of the Sardinian city, take on the challenges of an enigmatic journey which will introduce you to the history of watchmaking, in Switzerland and throughout the world! Go back in time and evade the traps of eras and seasons with this fun and cultural Geneva watch rally.

From the beginnings of watchmaking in Geneva, to today’s cinema, via Calvin’s Reformation in the 16th century, walk in the footsteps of the watchmaking industry and its secrets. Follow the route of the first corporation of watchmakers in the world and discover how the navy and modern mechanized industries were in turn inspired by this art of skill and precision.

This unique and unusual treasure hunt will be an opportunity to unite and bring together your colleagues around an original activity rich in emotions! Aided by a road book and a map of the city, this Geneva watchmaking rally will take your teams through the ages and eras to arrive on time at the final stage of this adventure!
Like real Genevans, take the tram to get from one end of the city to the other, or board Les Mouettes, the water taxis of Lake Geneva!

rallye horlogerie genève

Details of the watchmaking rally

          • Activity Time : 2h to 3h
          • Place : Geneva
          • Number : 10 to 200 personnes
          • Time : All year long
          • how to dress : casual outfit and good shoes
          • Bonus : Available in French and in English

What our clients are saying

The Push Car was a real success. I managed to scam Mario and Luigi and all my colleagues had fun. And what a moment of laughter when one of the cars broke apart in the middle of the race! Very good time, thank you!

Jacques H.

A very fun beach party with challenges, each crazier than the last. Between paddle, bubble football and volleyball, we were served! Everyone was delighted. We will come back to you, be sure.

Bernard D.

What a great idea this life-size goose game is! You had to think about it. Funny and fun challenges: my colleagues came away delighted and above all complicit. A real moment of sharing! Thank you for this day.

Pauline K.

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