Murder Party Geneva

Murder Party Geneva: The chilling evening for your seminar

Muder party geneva

Are you a fan of Cluedo and other investigation games? Do you like detective series and films? The Murder Party Geneva is made for you.

In a group, whether you are 15 or 300, step into the shoes of investigators and solve the puzzle you face.

After a long day, your group decides to go out to eat.

Your group arrives to eat at “Coucou”. Unfortunately, a serious act was committed this morning: the postman was murdered. The boss is panicked and won’t budge: we absolutely must bring the culprit out of the shadows! You find yourself forced to solve the investigation in order to dine in peace. We know that there were 6 people in total, including the postman, when the murder was committed. We therefore have 5 major suspects. Moreover, everyone knows, the postman was not appreciated. Many wanted him dead! Will you carry out the investigation to calm things down? The Murder Party Geneva is waiting for you!

You are therefore called upon to contribute and, with an investigator’s notebook in hand, you must question the suspects who remained confined to the restaurant while the investigation was resolved. We have to move quickly, especially since a crow has already sent us an anonymous letter containing a clue:

murder party geneve

The program of your Geneva murder party:


tails :

          • Place : wherever you want aroung geneva
          • Activity time : 1h30 to 2h
          • Number : 25 to 200 persons
          • Time : All year long

“The murderer eats the fondue! »

Strengthen your bonds by taking part in the adventure. Come discover the local Geneva culture through this Murder Party Geneva by taking on the role of investigators. You will have to demonstrate ingenuity, reflection and above all team spirit to complete the investigation.

What our clients are saying

The Push Car was a real success. I managed to scam Mario and Luigi and all my colleagues had fun. And what a moment of laughter when one of the cars broke apart in the middle of the race! Very good time, thank you!

Jacques H.

A very fun beach party with challenges, each crazier than the last. Between paddle, bubble football and volleyball, we were served! Everyone was delighted. We will come back to you, be sure.

Bernard D.

What a great idea this life-size goose game is! You had to think about it. Funny and fun challenges: my colleagues came away delighted and above all complicit. A real moment of sharing! Thank you for this day.

Pauline K.

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